Photo: Zhejiang University
Photo: Zhejiang University

The one-week intensive courses are taught in English and Chinese, incorporating both Western and Chinese perspectives into the students’ learning as each course is taught by Chinese and Nordic teachers co-teaching together at Zhejiang University. The courses are aimed primarily at Nordic students within the Nordic-Chinese double Master program, but it is also possible for students from other disciplines (such as anthropology, cultural studies etc.) to attend.

The course methods combine lectures, discussions, student presentations, assignments, fieldwork (including practical activities), and a final paper or poster presentation. Attendance is compulsory and the courses are graded according to the point scale of Zhejiang University. All courses are comprised of 5 ECTS (135 hours).

The 8 intensive courses are as follows:
Intensive course 1: The Evolution of Chinese Cinema and the Chinese Film Industry (SU)
Intensive course 2: Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture: Negotiations of the Past (SU)
Intensive course 3: Popular Religion in Contemporary China (UCHG)
Intensive course 4: China Business and Politics (UCHG)
Intensive course 5: Qualitative Methods (AU)
Intensive course 6: Qualitative Research Methods for China Studies (AU)
Intensive course 7: New Environmental Policies, Perceptions, and Activities in China (UiO)
Intensive course 8: The Life of a Dead Language – Classical Chinese in Modern Chinese Discourse (UiO)

For more detailed information about each individual course, please see the course plans attached below.