Zhang Chun (ZC) and Sine Falk Mikkelsen (SM) from Aarhus University and Ingela Jin (IJ) and Hailin Wang (HW) from Stockholm University paid a visit to the Department of Cultural studies and Oriental languages, Oslo University. During the three-day visit, ZC, SM, IJ and HW observed classes conducted by Chieh-Ting Lin and Øystein Krogh Visted. They observed conversation class, role-plays of 1st-year students, and business Chinese of 3rd-year students.

After the observation, a small session was held, at which teachers actively shared teaching experiences and discussed teaching-related issues. The discussion covered such broad topics as teaching materials, practices of teaching speaking comprehensions, interactive mode of teaching grammar, etc. Surveys were also issued and interview questions were posed to each teacher after the observation and discussion.

Aside from observation and discussion, the guest teachers were invited to join an event called ‘Cultural Night’ during the evening of March 8: an event co-organised by Chieh-Ting Lin and the students. The theme of that event was ‘On Chinese Tea and Chinese Tea Ceremony’. The three-day trip culminated with great success.