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The Wenner-Gren Institute for Experimental Biology

The Wenner-Gren Institute for Experimental Biology carries out research and teaching in cell biology, developmental biology, immunology and physiology. In accordance with its name, experimental rather than descriptive biology is at the heart of all research being carried out at the Institute. Sixteen independent groups study the function of genes and cells in tissues and organisms. The research is characteristically basic, seeking answers to fundamental biological problems at the molecular level. Also, several research groups participate in clinical studies via well-established collaborations.

The Institute is located in the Arrhenius Laboratories at Stockholm University, where it contributes to the dynamic research and educational environment characterized by intense interactions and intellectual exchange between neighboring basic research departments in biological and chemical sciences.

Please follow the RESEARCH link for a detailed introduction to the research groups and the scientific problems they pursue.

Feel free to contact group leaders directly if you are interested in a degree project (30 HP examens), graduate (Ph.D.) or postdoctoral training.


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Stockholm University

The Wenner-Gren Institute

SE-106 91 Stockholm 

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Stockholm University

The Wenner-Gren Institute

Svante Arrheniusväg 20 B

SE-106 91 Stockholm 

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Wenner-Grens institut

Stockholms universitet

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Per O. Ljungdahl

+46 8 16 41 01

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Ann-Kristin Östlund Farrants

+ 46 8 16 40 97


Magdalena Hernow, +46 8 16 15 63

Gelana Yadeta, +46 8 16 41 80

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Please contact Gelana Yadeta email:gelana.yadeta@wgi.su.se