Klaves Berzins

Studies on host-malaria parasite interactions, including defining polymorphisms in the host genome linked to malaria susceptibility and mechanisms of antibody mediated parasite neutralization.

Carmen Fernández

We study mechanisms leading to optimal immune responses in the mucosal respiratory compartment and the participation of the innate immune system in protection and susceptibility to infection.


Eva Severinson

I study how B cell activation occurs, how they switch Ig class, and how cells move and adhere to each other and to substrate.


Eva Sverremark-Ekström

We study the influence of early life microbial exposures, such as the gut microbiota and herpesvirus infection, on the maturation of innate and adapitve immune responses and allergy development.


Marita Troye-Blomberg

Sympatric ethnic tribesin Africa present distinct levels of malaria susceptibility/resistance. To identify modulatory attributes we study host innate immune responses and genetic/epigenetic factors.



Cell Biology  Per Ljungdahl, Phone: +46 8 16 41 01

Developmental Biology Christos Samakovlis, Phone: + 46 8 16 15 64

Immunology Marita Troye Blomberg, Phone: + 46 8 16 41 64

Physiology Barbara Cannon, Phone:+ 46 8 16 41 20


Imaging Facility, IFSU

Zeiss LSM 780