Contact information

Ulrika Mörth

Current rank and affiliation
Professor at the Department of Political Science, Stockholm University.


  • Professor 2007
  • Associate Professor 2002
  • PhD, May 1996
  • Bachelor of Arts, 1988, Stockholm University
  • Basic judicial academic training in Law, 1987, Faculty of Law, Stockholm University

Visiting Scholar

  • Score, Stockholm Centre of Organizational Research 1996-1997 (post doc)
  • 1992, Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California- Berkeley (Doctoral student)


  • January 2008- 2011 Chairman at the Department of Political Science
  • January 2005-2008 Deputy Chairman of the Department of Political Science
  • January 2003-2005 Research Director at Score (In Swedish: forskningsledare)
  • May 2001 Lecturer (tenured), Department of Political Science, Stockholm University
  • July 1997 : Head of Master Programme in European Politics, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University
  • July 1997 - 2005 : Researcher at Score
  • July 1996-June 1997: Post doc grant, Score (Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research)
  • July 1992-June 1996: Ph.D grant, Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • February 1989-June 1989: Consultant, Swedish Research Defence Establishment
  • June 1988-September 1988: Trainee, Ministry of Defence

Positions within the Faculty

  • Member of the board of the Institute of International Economy, Stockholm University, 2010-
  • Member of the Faculty Board since 2009-
  • Member of ‘Kvalitetsrådet’, Stockholm University, 2009-2013
  • Chairman of the Board of Score 2009-2011

Other positions

  • Member of the SNS Board of Trustees 2016 -
  • Chair of the Board of NOPSA (Nordic Political Science Association) 2014-09-29
  • Deputy Director of Stockholm University Graduate School of International Studies (SIS).
  • Member of Steering Committee of ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance 2014 -
  • Member of the board of Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre 2014 -
  • Member of the board of SCAS 2013 –
  • Member of Statskontorets Scientific Board 2012 –
  • The Representative of Stockholm University on the board of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, SSES, 2011 –
  • Member of the board of the Resilience Centre 2010 – 2013
  • Member of the board of the Swedish Network for European research 1998 –



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Articles (Peer-review Journals)

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Book Chapters

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Demokratirådets Rapport 2001: Demokrati utan utland (coauthor with Olof Petersson, Daniel Tarschys and Karl-Magnus Johansson), Stockholm: SNS förlag (In English: Democracy without an abroad).