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Personal presentation

I studied Zoology, Chemistry, Philosophy and Scandinavian Archaeology at Stockholm University. My 1976 Ph.D. thesis in Animal Ecology was entitled “Baltic Benthos Communities and the Role of the Meiofauna”.

In 1977-78, I studied the ecological effects of oil pollution at the Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island. After returning to Stockholm University, I have investigated Baltic ecosystems, with an emphasis on bottom fauna, eutrophication effects, cyanobacterial blooms and methods for coastal management. I became Professor of Brackish Water Ecology in 1990 and have taken part in the EU projects BASYS, SIGNAL and SPICOSA and in the Mistra programmes SUCOZOMA and MARE.

I have supervised 20 Ph.D. students in Marine Ecology.

My current research deals with ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea and its coastal zones, the ecosystem effects of Baltic cyanobacterial blooms and organic matter processing by Baltic benthos. I coordinate Stockholm University's strategic marine environmental program Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management, BEAM (

I was among 1360 contributors to the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment honoured by the 2nd Zayed Internation Prize for the Environment in 2005. In 2006, I received the Demel Medal of the Polish Sea Fisheries Institute and in 2011 the Grand Prize of the Baltic Sea Foundation ( and the Askö 50 Year Award of Stockholm University's Marine Research Centre.

I retired from my professorship in September, 2011, but have been re-hired half-time to coordinate the BEAM program and participate in several research projects.


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