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Astrid Söder

Zero tolerance for sexual harassment

We have to have zero tolerance for sexual harassment – and when employees or students are the target we need to act immediately. That’s the response from Astrid Söderbergh Widding to the University Call to Action #Akademiuppropet.

Women fishing for shells in the seagrass, Tanzania. Photo: Lina Mtwana Nordlund.

Seagrass is a key fishing ground globally

New research demonstrates that seagrass meadows are important fishing grounds all around the globe. The work highlights that there is an urgent need to start appreciating and understanding this role to be able to build more sustainable fisheries. A new study examines the global extent to which these underwater meadows support fishing activity.

Sometimes generosity goes hand in hand with listening to your heart. Photo: Stuart Miles/Mostphotos

Generous people listen with their heart

Some people like to share with others. Why is this so? New research shows that sometimes generosity goes hand in hand with “listening to your heart.”

Nordic Optical Telescope.

The stars that refuse to die

In recent years, two new supernovas have been observed which don't act like supernovas usually do. New, more effective scanning telescopes are catching new behaviours.

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