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Duration: 09.00 – 14.10
09:00–09:05 Welcome address
Svante Lindqvist, The Royal Swedish Academy Of Sciences Physics

09:05–09:35 The Path To Measuring Cosmic Acceleration
Brian P. Schmidt, The High-Z Supernova Search Team Australian National University, Weston Creek, Australia

09:35–10:05 Supernovae Reveal An Accelerating Universe
Adam G. Riess, The High-Z Supernova Search Team Johns Hopkins University and Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA

10:05–10:50 Measuring The Acceleration Of The Cosmic Expansion Using Supernovae
Saul Perlmutter, The Supernova Cosmology Project Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University Of California, Berkeley, CA, USA

11:30–12:05 Quasi-Periodic Materials – A Paradigm Shift In Crystallography
Dan Shechtman, Technion – Israel Institute Of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Economic Sciences
13:00–13:35 United States then, Europe Now
Thomas J. Sargent, New York University, New York, NY, USA

13:35–14:10 Statistical Modeling Of Monetary Policy And Its Effects
Christofer A. Sims, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA

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