Image: ©THE World University Rankings
THE World University Rankings 2013-2014
The list is topped by two US universities, California Institute of Technology and Harvard University. One UK university made the top three, Oxford University. Karolinska Institutet is the highest rated Swedish institution in place 36, as compared to place 42 last year.
Stockholm University now number 2 in Sweden
From position 117 in last year's world ranking, Stockholm University moved up 14 places to 103, shared with two US universities. Of the Swedish universities, Karolinska Institutet is top of the list, followed by Stockholm University. This year sees Stockholm University overtaking both Uppsala University, which has fallen from place 106 to place 111, and Lund University, which dropped from place 82 to place 123. KTH has advanced on the list from 140th position to 117. All this means that the three largest universities in the Stockholm region are among the 117 best in the world, according to this ranking.
Strong positive trend for Stockholm University
In recent years, it is possible to see a very positive development for Stockholm University in the THE ranking, from place 261 in 2005 to 103 today. 
48th in Physical Sciences
Within the broad scientific fields listed in the rankings Stockholm University is included among the top 100 universities in three fields: physics (48, top in Sweden), life sciences (75) and the humanities (93).