Oskar Kihlborg
Adventurer and photographer Oskar Kihlborg is currently rowing from Sweden to Finland.

Kihlborg began his journey earlier this month, leaving from Stockholm on September 6, 2011. Kihlborg is carrying out the journey – which will take 13 days and is 175 sea miles long – in order to bring attention to the fact that Sweden does not have a modern research vessel in the Baltic Sea.

During the trip Kihlborg will take the opportunity to make observations on behalf of researchers at Stockholm University.

"The researchers at Stockholm University that I have spoken to say that we have better knowledge about how the surface of Mars looks than about the sea bottom in the Baltic Sea", says Oskar Kihlborg.

During the trip to Åbo, which takes him through the Stockholm, Åland and Finnish archipelagos, Kilhborg will take the opportunity to make observations on behalf of researchers at Stockholm University.

"A well-equipped vessel for research in the Baltic Sea is essential to provide science with the knowledge and opportunity to save this sensitive inland sea," says Martin Jakobsson, Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics at Stockholm University.

The journey began on September 6 at 10:00 with Oskar Kihlborg rowing from the quay at Kastellholmen in Stockholm. Kihlborg plans to arrive in Åbo on September 19 along with sailing ship Briggen Tre Kronor, which will conclude the seminar series "Sustainable Seas" - a collaboration between industry, researchers and other organisations designed to promote sustainable solutions for the Baltic Sea.

Further information
Oskar Kihlborg, mobile 070-322 50 00, e-mail oskar@kihlborg.se
Martin Jakobsson, Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University, mobile 073-619 14:09, email: martin.jakobsson@geo.su.se
Kerstin Gronwall, Communications, Briggen Tre Kronor, AB, mobile 070-212 92 91, e-mail: kerstin.gronwall@briggentrekronor.se
Lena Kautsky, Director, Stockholm University's Marine Research Centre, mobile 070-656 40 30, e-mail lena.kautsky@smf.su.se

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