The recruitment group will present candidates to an assembly of the above at Stockholm University in August 2012 and will subsequently submit a proposal to the University Board for a new Vice-Chancellor. The University Board will in turn submit its proposal to the government, which appoints the Vice-Chancellor. 

The nomination period for the new Vice-Chancellor runs until March 20, 2012. All staff and students at the University who fulfill the following eligibility requirements may submit proposals for a new Vice-Chancellor during this time. Note that the person or persons proposed need not endorse the proposal. After March 20 there will be an opportunity for staff and students to nominate candidates through representatives in the recruitment group (see below).

Persons qualified to be Vice-Chancellor are those qualified for appointment as Professor or Associate Professor (Higher Education Ordinance."Högskoleförordningen" 2 kap 11 §).

Proposals for the new Vice-Chancellor should be sent to the recruitment group secretary Jenny Gardbrant by post or e-mail.

Jenny Gardbrant
Stockholm University
Vice-Chancellor's Office
106 91 Stockholm 

Nominations must be received no later than Tuesday, March 20, 2012.
Eligibility requirements for those wishing to propose candidates
Employees: Permanent employees or those employment for a period of at least two years, at least 50% of full-time.
Students: Registered at the University this term/semester.
The Recruitment Group
Sten Heckscher, Former Justice of the Supreme Court, Chairman, University Board
Lars Nyberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, TeliaSonera AB, University Board
Berit Svedberg, Director of Cultural Administration, University Board
Professor Karin Helander, Department of Musicology and Performance Studies
Prof. Stefan Nordlund, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry
Professor Torsten Persson, Institute for International Economics
May Al-Boujassam, Stockholm University Student
Lisbeth Häggberg, ST trade union organization