Earth Week volunteers hard at work.
Earth Week volunteers hard at work distributing quantities of garbage into each waste category.
All of the litter that was discarded in the litter bins on floor 3 during the day was collected. In the evening nine volunteer students went through the waste and sorted it into different containers, divided into plastics, biodegradable waste, paper, metal, glass, hazardous waste and miscellaneous waste.

The total amount of waste collected was 226 kg. Of this, 63 per cent – or 142 kg – was biodegradable. This category included leftover food, napkins, coffee filters and paper towels.
"The results mean that we have an initial idea of the type and amount of waste generated, something we can make use of when the equipment for waste sorting-at-source is installed during the autumn," says Stockholm University Environmental Coordinator Jenny Lilliehöök.