New student building, Studenthuset

In a ceremony that took place near Södra huset, the University's main building, Vice-Chancellor Kåre Bremer dug the first bucketful of earth – using an excavator! The building, which will consist of reading rooms for students, a cafeteria, an information and welcome point, and offices for the University's Student Services and the Student Union, is due for completion in 2013.

Originally the building project was run by the Student Union, though more recently the University's landlords Akademiska hus have taken over the project, which has resulted in the University becoming the main tenant.

Facade of granite, glass and wood
The building is L-shaped with three main floors and a narrow fourth floor in the section that adjoins the A-building. The ground floor will have a granite facade; the middle section will have glass wall, while the top floor will have a timber facade. On the south side of the building there will be a garden, under which a geothermal heating and cooling system will be constructed. The roof will be covered in Sedum, which will contribute to the greenery in the area, while reducing runoff of water from the building to the stormwater system.

Completion 2013
In winter construction begins of the Student Union's section of the building. Construction is expected to be completed during the summer of 2013, with occupancy in August of the same year.

Support and service for students
"Studenthuset is intended to be an attractive gathering place for students, with a wide range of student information, as well as study and meeting places," says the university's administrative director, Ann-Caroline Nordström.

"Co-location of the Student Union and Student Services will provide synergies in terms of support and service to students. Studenthuset and its surroundings will be the University's new south entrance. In addition, Studenthuset will make available premises in Södra huset – although this does not, by a long way, solve the University's great need for new premises," added Ms Nordström.