Image: Digital Communication Awards

This year's awards attracted over 550 outstanding projects which left jurors with some very difficult decisions to make. Other nominees within the category Institutions, and competing against Crosstalks, are Tourism Australia, the European Commission, and VisitSweden.

"There are many scientists and administrative staff at Stockholm University who should feel proud of this nomination. Without everyone's involvement Crosstalks would not have been what it is," says Carolina Andrén, project leader for Crosstalks at Stockholm University.
On September 20 producer Tomas Axelsson, together with project leaders from KTH and Stockholm University, with will travel to Berlin to present the project for the prize jury, which consists of experts in digital communications from academia and industry from all over Europe. The winner will be announced later, during the same day. Read more at
The next episode of Crosstalks will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 18 with the theme "The equation that does not add up". Read more at