The symbol of the conference is the two-faced Janus, an ancient Roman god of beginnings and doorways, of the rising and setting sun, looking in opposite directions. Janus has been associated with polarities and as a metaphor it describes Bakhtin's view on dialogues and dialogicality within or between "selves" and "others".

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers include Michael Holquist, Professor emeritus at Yale University, USA, and doctor honoris causa at Stockholm University, Sweden. Michael Holquist is considered to be the most prominent expert on Bakhtin world wide. Other keynote speakers include Hugo Lagercrantz, Professor in pediatrics at The Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, Professor Per Linell of Linköping University, Sweden, Ragnar Rommetveit, Professor emeritus in psychology at Oslo University, Norway, and James V. Wertsch, Professor at Washington University, St Louis, USA, and doctor honoris causa at Linköping University, Sweden.

Call for papers

The program committee invites researchers to send proposals as a paper, a poster session or a symposium.


Questions should be addressed to Karin Junefelt,, or Lena Geijer,

Important conference dates 2009

January 31: Submissions for papers, poster or symposium proposals.
March 25: Notification of acceptance/rejection.
April 3: Deadline for registration.
June 3–5: Conference days.