Martin Körling
Knowledge and inspiration result of Ericsson collaboration with Mobile Life Centre, according to Martin Körling.

"There are many very important reasons for us to get involved in the Mobile Life Centre. Ericsson is a key player within mobility, and for us the centre provides important feedback in terms of our development in that area,"  says Martin Körling, who was chair of the board of Ericson until October 2011.

"This collaboration has given us both knowledge and inspiration. The collaboration also plays an important role in our development with our increased focus on end-users that are important to Ericsson, and we need to have a competent partner to discuss these issues."

Martin Körling also gives several examples of other areas where the collaboration have provided concrete results:

  • Lars Erik Holmquist's development of several small apps for the web
  • Oskar Juhlin’s research on video
  • Kristina Höök's work in Affective Health
  • Graduate students’ internships at Ericsson

Martin Körling will be leaving Sweden, though not Ericsson. For the coming years he will be the head of Ericsson Research in Silicon Valley.

"I expect to continue to interact with Mobile Life, even when I am in Silicon Valley, even though the forms of it are not yet clear. It feels natural to continue working together as a continuation of what we have already done in the field of Internet of Things."

Mobile Life Centre
The Mobile Life research centre at Stockholm University is located in Kista outside Stockholm, Sweden. The Centre's strategic research partners include SICS and Interactive Institute. The Centre started in 2007 and has funding until 2017. After three years, the Mobile Life Centre has grown and now includes 50 researchers exploring experiential, leisure and playful mobile and ubiquitous interactions.