Temporary premises at Södra huset
There are already temporary premises in place at Södra huset, and more are currently being installed.
“The lack of space means that we find it difficult to fully utilize the resources we receive from the state for education,” says Vice-Chancellor Kåre Bremer. “For example, we will get increased funding, but it will be difficult to recruit teachers because of the shortage of premises.”

Temporary buildings

The University also has to put the recruitment of researchers on ice, despite the substantially increased resources for research. To be able to continue working, additional temporary buildings are currently being installed on campus.

Shortage of premises and housing

“The shortage of premises and housing also means that students choose not to come and study with us,” says Kåre Bremer. “Therefore, we are of course very pleased that Albano also will include housing for visiting researchers and students.”

Decision as soon as possible

The University hopes and assumes that the local plan will be presented to the City Council for a decision as soon as possible.

“We look forward to an adopted local plan before the end of the year,” says Kåre Bremer.

The local plan can be found on the City Planning Administration website (in Swedish).