Photo: Eva Dalin
Martin Flodén

Martin Flodén is professor of economics at Stockholm University. His research has focused on macroeconomic issues, including savings and consumption, public debt and monetary policy. Flodén has previously been a member of the Economic Council of Sweden, the Swedish Fiscal Policy Council and the Swedish Centre for Business and Policy Studies' Economic Policy Group and has long been active in the academic public debate on economic policy issues. 

Cecilia Skingsley – alumnus of Stockholm University

Cecilia Skingsley is currently chief economist at Swedbank and has long monitored and analysed monetary policy and the work of the Riksbank, both as macroeconomic analyst and journalist. She also has good experience of financial crisis management, for instance as head of analysis at Swedbank during the international bank crisis 2007-2009. Skingsley has a Bachelor's degree in economics from Stockholm University and has a financial analyst diploma.

Martin Flodén and Cecilia Skingsley have been appointed for terms of office of 5 and 6 years respectively. They will take up their appointments immediately and will thus be able to take part in the monetary policy meeting on 2 July. Prior to their appointment, the members were questioned by the General Council and have also been assessed by an independent recruitment agency.

Executive Board with six members

The Executive Board of the Riksbank consists of six members, who are appointed for a term of office of five or six years. The other members are Governor Stefan Ingves, First Deputy Governor Kerstin af Jochnick and Deputy Governors Per Jansson and Karolina Ekholm, professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University.