Stockholm University’s Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) is the largest tenant with 9,000 square metres. DSV also includes the Digital Art Center (DAC), a collaborative project between Stockholm University and the property owner Atrium Ljungberg, which seeks to promote research and innovation in technology, media, and art. Also located here is eGovlab, which is a DSV centre for interdisciplinary research on e-government, e-participation, and e-democracy.

The watchwords in the construction of the new premises were flexibility, innovative study and working environments, integration of new technology, and the creation of a meeting place for external parties, and it feels like they have succeeded. The second largest tenant in NOD is a public upper secondary school with a focus on science, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The building also accommodates Kista Science City, an education company, a gym, and a restaurant. In addition, there are facilities where new small businesses can rent office space.

All lecture and seminar rooms have the latest AV technology and plenty of projection surfaces so that presentations and the students’ computer screens can be displayed in several places at the same time. A wireless network is, of course, available. The steps in the auditorium can be folded up to make space on the floor for exhibitions or other types of lectures. In the smaller lecture rooms, the benches have wheels in order to facilitate rearrangement.

The premises are characterised by open spaces and light. The social spaces are directly connected to the lecture rooms and group study rooms, and there are plenty of sofas and tables that facilitate study and group work.