The President of Peking University, Zhou Qifeng, together with several other distinguished members of his staff, enjoyed a lunch reception at Spökslottet hosted by Stockholm University Vice-Chancellor Kåre Bremer and attended by other representatives from the  University. Following the lunch the Peking delegation visited selected departments and met with Peking University alumni residing in the Stockholm area.

The President and the Vice-Chancellor took the opportunity to sign a new bilateral exchange agreement that will now include the exchange of students, in addition to the current exchange of researchers. The original agreement was signed in 1980 and is one of the earliest academic agreements in the nordic area involving China. The agreement will continue to provide some financial support for those teachers/researchers who participate in the exchange.

Peking University
Peking University is China's highest ranked university and it also ranks very high among the world's universities. The delegation also visited Humboldt University, the universities of Berlin and Vienna, and Uppsala University during his stay in Europe.

For more information about how the research cooperation works contact Tom Morell at the International Exchange Unit.