“The name Stockholm Business School reflects the diversity and breadth found at our campus. Researchers and students from all over the world come here to generate knowledge and develop the traditional view of business administration as a subject. Following last year’s merger with the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, and investments into new research areas such as entrepreneurship and sustainable development, SBS now represents a broader expertise with strong ties to both academia and industry,” says Thomas Hartman, Head of Stockholm Business School.

Stockholm Business School is one of the biggest departments at Stockholm University with more than 3,500 students, about 100 research and teaching staff, and nearly 30 doctoral students. Stockholm Business School conducts prominent research and education in an open and innovative environment.

“We conduct broad and specialised research and education for the future: holistic and socially relevant. Our students are competent and responsible; in short, they are attractive to the future labour market,” says Thomas Hartman, Head of Stockholm Business School.

For more information
Thomas Hartman, Head of Stockholm Business School, tel. 073-707 87 87, e-mail prefekt@sbs.su.se.