By investing in international recruitment of eminent researchers and students, international exchanges and increased collaborations, Stockholm University intends to stimulate the academic environment and strengthen the University's position in the international market.

“Stockholm University is among the world's top 100 universities today. The investment is made ​​in order to strengthen this position further to meet the demands of a global research and education world. An internationally oriented academic environment is important to improve the quality of both research and education. This means that researchers, teachers and students must be given the opportunity for international exchange,” says Kåre Bremer, Vice-Chancellor at Stockholm University.

In addition to a call for 25 two-year postdoctoral positions and recruitment of international researchers, an institute for advanced studies is being established which will be open for 15-20 guest researchers. The institute will be a meeting place for researchers active in different fields, thus creating scientific value for the University.

“The high scientific quality that we currently have at the University also needs to be stimulated here by the international perspective. Therefore, we are setting up an institute with inspiration from Princeton, which is the most famous example,” says Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Stockholm University.

An internationally oriented academic environment requires both incoming and outgoing students and teachers. In order to promote exchanges, calls for 50 sabbatical semesters for teachers will be advertised. This gives teachers the opportunity to fully focus on their research and broaden their international perspective during one or two semesters at a foreign university. Strong financial support will also be given to departments at the University that recruit international students. The initiative will also promote exchanges by strengthening cooperation with priority partner universities. A special program is established for increased cooperation with a limited number of priority partner universities. An example of a close cooperation is the one that has been established between Stockholm University and the University of Illinois. The program includes the exchange of students, researchers, teachers, Ph.D. students and staff.

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