Peter Brezezinski, professor in biochemistry

In total 129 applications were received. The Faculty of Science received the highest amount of funding – almost SEK 8.5 million. From the applications sixteen researchers have been awarded grants to invite renowned visiting researchers and post-doctoral fellows. Eight researchers have also been awarded travel grants. The Faculty of Humanities received almost SEK 4 million in this first round. The Faculty of Social Sciences received SEK 2.5 million. The Faculty of Law received just over SEK 1.1 million.

One of those awarded funding was Peter Brezezinski (picture), a professor in biochemistry. He is to receive two grants to invite visiting researchers. One of these researchers is Robert (Bob) Gennis from the University of Illinois, who also holds a Stockholm University honorary doctorate. He will spend a total of eight months in Stockholm giving lectures and assisting with the supervision of doctoral students, as well as the development of new collaborative projects. The other visiting researcher is Irina Smirnova from Moscow State University, who will work in Stockholm for a total of one year.