Around fifty student participated in the welcome event
Around 50 students participated in the welcome event. Photo: Olle Nordell

Stockholm Summer School is an expression for the increased cooperation between the capital's three largest universities - the Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Institutet (KI). The Summer School consists of five courses, two each held by Stockholm University and Karolinska Institutet, and one by KTH:  Bioentrepreneurship, Future Energy Technology, Global Health, The Earth's Climate and Climate Change and The Swedish Model.

Two courses at Stockholm University
The two courses offered by Stockholm University are The Earth's Climate and Change and The Swedish Model. The first is an introductory course which explores the greenhouse effect and climate change. The Swedish Model examines the development of the Swedish welfare state from both a historical and political perspective. One of the ideas behind the summer school is that it will spark interest in further studies at the University by providing students with the opportunity to experience studying in Stockholm.

Where to see the European Championships
During the welcome event, students were given practical information, which covered everything buying groceries and computer cables to where to find free magazines. With the European Football Championships in full swing, students also received tips on where to watch football matches on big screens in Stockholm!

Stockholm Summer School also offers a number of "Star lectures" with well-known speakers on interesting topics. The first speaker was Professor Tiina Rosenberg of Stockholm University, who will give an introduction to contemporary Swedish culture and society. The lecture will be broadcast live at 15.00 (3pm) on 19 June. More information »

Exciting programme of activities
In order to ensure that international students get the most out of their visit, a rich programme of events is planned, to run alongside their studies. This starts with a barbecue on Lappkärrsberget, where many of the students will stay. This is followed by a guided bus tour in Stockholm, Midsummer celebrations at Skansen, a canoe trip in Brunnsviken and cruise in the archipelago. In order to get a feeling for Stockholm as the city of the Nobel Prize, students are invited to a reception at the City Hall where the Nobel Banquet takes place.

Close to nature
At the mingle after the introduction, we talked with some of the students. Pamela Cominetti usually studies in Milan, but after having been to a summer school in Oslo last year, she decided to also apply to the summer school in Stockholm this year, during which she will take the course, The Swedish Model. She sees it as a good introduction to Sweden, where she is to study at the Stockholm School of Economics this autumn. After the first few days in Stockholm, her impression is that everything seems well organized—and with the oak trees outside the large windows in the Aula Magna, she adds, "You are never far from nature here in Stockholm!".

Ohanna Glännefors, student from Brazil
Ohanna Glännefors, student from Brazil.
Photo: Olle Nordell.

Sisters Sarah and Ohanna Glännefors have lived and studied in Brazil for many years, but they have now returned to their second homeland, Sweden, where they will be studying the Swedish welfare model. One of their classmates will be Sexgul Celik from Paris. She sees Sweden as a shining example, "It's good to find out more about how things work in Sweden. France could learn a great deal from Sweden. The Swedish welfare model is the best!".

Studies will give new perspectives
Gregory Kyriatzis comes from northern Greece and is here to study bioentrepreneurship. He talks about how the summer course is a way for him to complete his education in a way that gives a new point of view. It is his first visit to Sweden, "I am overwhelmed by all the greenery I've seen since I landed at the airport." If everything goes his way, he hopes to start studying in Uppsala in the autumn.

Hope on further courses next summer
"I hope we can expand the Summer School next year. It is an example of our joint strength and the development of cooperation between Karolinska Institutet, KTH and Stockholm University at the undergraduate level, writes Rector Kåre Bremer in his blog.

Text: Per Larsson