Four years ago, Stockholm University started working towards meeting the requirements for environmental certification. This comprehensive effort has involved reviewing procedures, developing environmental plans and many other documents, training employees, collecting ideas for improvements, carrying out environmental audits, etc. In total, more than 100 members of staff have been involved in this work.

In order to be certified, the University underwent an environmental audit before the summer. The external auditors interviewed the Vice-Chancellor, University Director, and several other members of staff. The auditors reviewed documents and verified that the environmental procedures were actually working. On 23 June, it was announced that the University will receive environmental certification.

“The staff’s involvement in and dedication to the environmental work has been the key to success in our efforts to meet the environmental criteria. Stockholm University has strong research and education related to the environment and sustainability. The practical work concerning environmental and sustainability issues is part of our community involvement. The fact that we have now received environmental certification is an acknowledgement of our systematic, long-term efforts,” says Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding.

The University is currently working on developing an action plan for energy efficiency. The aim is to reduce the University’s use of electricity by increasing employee awareness of energy consumption and its impact on the environment. The University is also working to create a donation/trading site for the reuse of furniture and other materials. Other upcoming efforts include taking inventory of electricity use and conducting a travel habit survey at the University’s departments and units.  Additional environmental training will also be carried out this autumn.

More information about the University’s environmental work and what you can do to help is available (in Swedish) on Miljöwebben.