Kåre Bremer

"I am extremely proud of this award. It is not awarded automatically just because one happens to be Vice-Chancellor. At the same time I believe that what I have implemented, according to the jury's explanation, were obvious measures. A strong student movement can and has been for me a great support and help.

According to the prize's jury, "Kåre Bremer, Vice-Chancellor of Stockholm University, realized early on the importance of a strong student movement. After the abolition of compulsory student union membership, Stockholm University took a leading position by deciding early on to provide support for the Student Union. Kåre has also worked hard to strengthen Stockholm as a university city. He has been a driving force in building a stronger partnership between the universities in Stockholm, and has also been a driving force in the development of the Albano area into a vibrant campus. In addition, Kåre has been a strong voice on the issue of qualitative improvements in the social sciences and humanities study programmes."

The prize, "Friend of the Students of Stockholm" is awarded to persons or organizations who have carried out valuable work for students in Stockholm and promoted Stockholm as a student city. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on Saturday 30th April at Skansen during the traditional May Day celebrations.

The Stockholm Federation of Student Unions, SSCO, is an organisation for cooperation between student unions in the Stockholm region, representing around 80 000 students.