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How Stockholm University is governed

Stockholm University is a public agency which is governed by laws, rules, and decisions made by the government and representatives. The university board is the highest level decision making body and the vice chancellor is the agency’s head.

Stockholm University Organisation Chart. February 2017

Stockholm University Organisation Chart

Education and research are conducted at Stockholm University within 58 departments, centres and institutes which answer directly to the boards of human science and science, or the faculty boards.

University Administration from January 2017

University Administration

The University Administration is a preparation and service body for the University Board, Vice-Chancellor and other decision making bodies. The University Administration is led by the Director of Administration. Within the University Administration there are 12 administrative offices.

Senior Management Team

Astrid Söderbergh Widding

Pro Vice-Chancellor
Clas Hättestrand

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Anders Karlhede
Karin Helander

Director of Administration
Joakim Malmström

Assistant Director of Administration
Åsa Borin