Alumni Relations

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Alumni Relations

Stockholm University’s alumni network is a community for career development and professional networking for all our alumni who live and work around the world. You are an important ambassador for Stockholm University and your experience of working life is valuable. We hope that your connection to Stockholm University will continue long after you leave.

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Stockholm University invests in international alumni

Staying in touch with and investing in our relationships with past students – alumni – is important for a university's long term development. Stockholm University is an international academic institution and we have alumni spread out across the globe. We are now gearing up to develop our international alumni operations.

Mingel. Foto: Eva Dalin.

Ten ways to get involved

There are many ways to collaborate with Stockholm University after finishing your studies. Contact the University’s alumni coordinator to get in touch with the right people. Of course, you can also contact the relevant department directly.


Alumni Relations


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SU Alumni is a network and meeting place where you can easily keep in touch with your former classmates and with your university!

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