Courses open for Spring 2016 (First application round)

First Level:

7,5 credits

English for Young Learners: Language Education II, 7.5 hp

The Viking Age in Northern Europe and along the Eastern Routes, 7.5 hp

15 credits

Education in Multicultural Society, 15 hp

Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 15 hp

Performance Studies, Focusing on Gender and Feminism, 15 hp

Schoolage Educare, 15 hp

Special Education, Basic Course, 15 hp

Special Education, Disability and Learning, 15 hp

Sweden - Society and Everyday Life, 15 hp

30 credits

Children, Culture, Globalization, 30 hp

Political Science I, 30 hp

Second Level:


Master's Programme in Biology, 120 hp

Master's Programme in Molecular Life Sciences, 120 hp

Master's Programme in Marine Biology, 120 hp

7,5 credits

Anthropological Perspectives on Organizations, 7.5 hp

Dance and Cultural Theory, 7.5 hp

Digital Anthropology, 7.5 hp

Dramaturgy and Performance Analysis, 7.5 hp

Media anthropology, 7.5 hp

Nazism, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, 7.5 hp

Organization pedagogics - learning and leadership, 7.5 hp

Performativity, body and gender on stage, 7.5 hp

Theory and Method in Korean Studies, 7.5 hp

Transnational Migration, 7.5 hp

Transnational practices: Diversities in a globalized world, 7.5 hp

Urbanization and urban society 1860-2015: Comparative perspectives on Europe and Scandinavia, 7.5 hp

15 credits

A new global food order? Global/local encounters, contradictions, tensions and conflicts, 15 hp

Challenges for the emerging city, 15 hp

Democracy, Policy and Social Change, 15 hp

Economic Crises in Global History, 15 hp

Education and Development, 15 hp

Energy and security, 15 hp

30 credits

Children, Culture, Globalization. Advanced level, 30 hp


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