The course, Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities: The Quest for Safe and Just Development on a Resilient Planet will help students explore contemporary research and debates in the arena of global sustainability. It deals with the Anthropocene, planetary boundaries, the social-ecological systems approach and resilience thinking.

Free, massive, open and online

A massive open online course (MOOC) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web providing communities for students, professors and teaching assistants.

The main instructor of the course, which is a partnership initiative between Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, is the Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre Johan Rockström. Starting on 17 November 2014, it is now open for applications.

About Stockholm Resilience Centre

Established in 2007, the Stockholm Resilience Centre advances research on the governance of social-ecological systems with a special emphasis on resilience - the ability to deal with change and continue to develop. Stockholm Resilience Centre is a joint centre initiative between Stockholm University and the Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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