Premises of Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) in Nodhuset in Kista. Photo: Eva Dalin
Premises of Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) in Nodhuset in Kista. Photo: Eva Dalin

Every day, agencies and businesses are targets of cyber-attacks. As a response to the growing need for trained personnel in information security, the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University is now starting a new study programme "Master’s programme in Information Security".

”My hope is to attract ambitious students from various study backgrounds such as in economics, sociology, criminology and psychology. Information security is an interdisciplinary field requiring expertise in many different areas,” says Fredrik Björck, a lecturer at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.

Stockholm University pioneered academic research and education in information security in Sweden in the 1960s. The University has since then turned out thousands of graduates who are now part of academia and industry around the globe.

Information Security is one of the most exciting within IT. Global IT security spending is projected by business magazine Forbes to increase tenfold in the coming decade (from around 60 billion euros to 600 billion euros per year). This type of growth will have a far-reaching impact on the job market for graduates from advanced studies in information and cyber security. The demand for educated information security specialists is already very high – with vacancies in this area almost always among the most in-demand jobs in IT. In the coming years demand is expected to continue to grow significantly.

Information security is primarily concerned with the protection of information assets. Today, most of the information resides in – and is communicated via – IT systems. Hence, these systems need to be protected from various threats and attacks. The goal of information security is to protect confidentiality, integrity and the availability of the information.

Read more about the master’s programme and how to apply on the DSV website.

The deadline for programmes starting in autumn 2015 is 15 April.