Stockholm University is one of the world's leading institutions of higher education with outstanding scholars, rich academic resources, and an ideal environment to encourage research and innovation. The Department of Education has a long history and tradition with many achievements in the field of international and comparative education.

Today I work as a Social Secretary, Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai.


I studied the Master’s Programme in International and Comparative Education at the Department of Education.


Questions and Answers

Study at Stockholm University

Question: Could I study as a visiting student?

Answer: Yes, you could choose to either join the master's programme or take independent courses as an exchange student (it depends on if your home institute has exchange agreement with Stockholm University). My advice is that you should first check on SU website the courses you are interested in and then contact student counsellor/study advisor at the department as soon as possible to see if you are eligible to take the courses. Best regards, Xinglong.