Courses and Programmes for International Students

Stockholm University offers courses at both undergraduate and advanced level with English as the language of instruction, as well as three Bachelor's programmes and over 70 Master's programmes in English. 

International students can choose between studying one or more free standing courses, that each may last between five weeks and one semester, or apply for a full study programme at Bachelor's level (first cycle), Master's level (second cycle), and PhD (third cycle) degrees.

A full list of all courses and programmes at Stockholm University is available via the online course catalogue at: Choose English as Language to see courses and programmes which do not require knowledge of Swedish.

All prospective students, with the exception of exchange students, regardless of country of origin, should apply via the national admissions website

Click here to read about the application process.

Already in Sweden and wish to study

Visit, the website tailored to individuals already living in Sweden who require information in English.

Courses for Exchange Students

Stockholm University has exchange agreements with around 500 universities throughout the world. Some agreements are university-wide and some are restricted to different departments and study areas. You will generally only be allowed to study in the area named in the exchange agreement.

Browse our online course catalogue or the departments’ websites to decide which courses you are interested in applying to. To find courses in the database, choose "Course" under "Course/Programme". Choose either "First level" (undergraduate/bachelor studies) or ”Second level” (advanced/master studies) depending on the level you are studying at. Choose the semester you wish to study and language of instruction.

Click here to read more about the application process for exchange students.

Swedish Language Courses

Swedish language courses are offered at different levels for both international and exchange students. The courses are normally taken in addition to the main course selection and are free of charge. Academic credits are awarded upon successful completion of courses. Further information can be found at: Students with some knowledge of Swedish are requested to sign up for a placement test.

Photo: Eva Dalin