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What do I like best about Stockholm? Meet French master´s students Manon and Maxime.

What do I like best about Stockholm? Meet French Master’s students Manon and Maxime

Manon and Maxime, two international Master's students from France, study physics at Stockholm University. In this short film, they tell us what they like best about their life in Stockholm.

Anna Fokina

"Altogether – just amazing!"

Meet three Master's students at the Department of Law – Anna Fokina (Ukraine), Nanxi Xie (China), and Fernando Sanchez (Mexico) – who talk about the highlights of their time studying law in Stockholm.

Meet Anuschka Tay Master student at the Department of Media Studies

Film, Fashion and Media Studies – meet our students

Meet Anuschka Tay and Muhammad Iqbal, both Master’s students at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.

Saki Kobayashi

Japanese student bridges boundaries in Cinema Studies

Saki Kobayashi, a new international student at Stockholm University from Japan, has just started her master’s in Cinema Studies autumn 2016. She wants to write her thesis on the films of Ingmar Bergman under the supervision of a leader in the field while immersing herself in Swedish culture.

Fridrik Solnes, Master’s student

Fridrik Solnes, Master’s student in English Literature

Stockholm University's English literature department comes highly recommended by all those that study there, not least of all Fridrik Solnes, who is doing a Master in English Literature.

Michelle Plett, Master’s student

Michelle Plett, Master’s student in Marketing

Having worked with Swedes for some time while in London and hearing great things from friends who were studying at Stockholm University, there was only one place Michelle Plett wanted to do an MSc in Marketing.