Edison Bin Liu – Master's student at Stockholm University
Photo: Jon Buscall

Liu is one of the new generation of Chinese students flocking to Europe to study as more and more universities are offering courses in English. Liu, who previously worked as a lawyer in China, decided to take a Masters in European Intellectual Property Law to improve his career prospects.

"I started at Stockholm in January [2008] and don't regret coming," says Liu. "It's a bit tough getting started in a new country what with the language and culture, but I'm settling well. The University’s International Office helped."
The Swedish language course he's taken made Liu feel more at home but learning Swedish isn’t his priority; Liu’s here to get a major qualification from a top European University.
"This degree will really give me the edge when I get back to China. I'll be able to get a very good job," he insists. With digital technology advancing in leaps and bounds, the Law has to keep up. Liu, with no practical experience of European Law until now is excited to get a European perspective on intellectual property law.
"It's important to learn about copyright and patents. I want to know what goes in Europe. That way my skills will be very valuable in China." The Master’s in European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm attracts students from all around the world.
"It's not just me from China," says Liu. "There are two other Chinese students in our class of twenty three students. The others come from America, Turkey, Spain, Mexico and Bangladesh as well as Sweden."
Since he has been in Sweden, Liu has lived in student accommodation just next to the University.
"Lappis [the student village] is okay. We have our own single rooms, and share a kitchen," he says. “We often cook together." Coming from Beijing, Liu appreciates just how clean Stockholm is. "Stockholm is a beautiful, friendly city. I really like the subway. It's so easy to get around and explore the surrounding areas," says Liu. “I haven’t been up north yet, but I want to see more of Sweden."
According to Liu the hardest thing about adjusting to life in Stockholm, apart from the language, has been finding information. "The University's website is improving but I found it a bit hard to understand what was going on before I arrived here," says Liu.
"However, I'm looking forward to seeing the new international website. Hopefully it will help to build the international community here on campus."
Interview and text: Jon Buscall
Edison Bin Liu, China studied European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University in 2008. The University’s international website was launched late in 2008.