Youyou Jiang
“I was told this is one of the best master’s programmes in international arbitration law in the world. I also wanted to visit Europe and I had heard that Stockholm is a beautiful city,” she says.

What’s interesting about International Arbitration Law, according to Youyou Jiang, is that by studying it one gets to understand the essence of law.

“A student who wants to work for a law firm in China faces two career paths, dispute-resolution and non-dispute resolution. While non-dispute resolution focuses more on paper work, dispute resolution requires more legal thinking. I prefer the latter. I can use what I learn to help my clients solve their problems,” explains Jiang.

According to Youyou Jiang, the Master’s Programme in International Arbitration Law provides an opportunity to make friends with people with diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world.

“There is a friendly atmosphere and the teachers are very helpful. The programme does not only contain theory. We visit law firms and have guest lecturers who are practitioners who enrich your knowledge in the field. There are also mock exercises and moot competitions, which is good for our future careers because it provides an opportunity to practice dispute resolution and develop legal skills,” she says.

In the future Youyou Jiang would like to become an international lawyer.

“I’d like to use my knowledge solving problems in an international environment.”

Text & interview: Staffan Westerlund