Neda Keshavarzi
Neda Keshavarzi is currently studying for a Master’s Degree at the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry.

"I came here from Iran because I was attracted to studying at a top European department," says Neda.

Along with students from Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and Sweden Neda is taking a two-year master’s programme in the department.

"The level of teaching and the facilities here are excellent," says Neda, who has her own desk in a shared room in the department with other students.

As part of her studies she is taking both a number of taught courses and undertaking a research project.

"I’m getting a solid grounding in materials chemistry as well as considerable experience using updated science and technologies available at Stockholm University," says Neda. "This is an excellent opportunity for me as a graduate student to learn and develop."

Despite the fact that the winter in Sweden can be cold, Neda is very positive about living in Stockholm and studying at Stockholm University.

"The facilities are excellent and renting a student room on campus has also given me a chance to get to know other students," she says.

Having now spent almost a year in Sweden, Neda has also spent plenty of time learning Swedish.

"Although Swedish isn’t necessary to follow my classes in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry—everything is taught in English—I’ve taken the free language courses at the University to learn Swedish," says Neda. "I believe it’s important to know the local language to better understand Swedish culture."

With the introduction of fees for non-European international students in 2012, Neda remains positive that Stockholm University has plenty to offer. What’s more, she hopes to stay on and eventually take her PhD at the department.

"The Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry is an exciting centre of research with some outstanding supervisors," Neda says. "By working here I really feel that I am building a solid basis for my future career—wherever that takes me."

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Text: Jon Buscall