Dmitrii Potapov and Margarita Klyuchnikova
Dmitrii Potapov and Margarita Klyuchnikova Photo: Sofia Rosshagen


PhD student with an interest in the concept of 'svenskhet'

Margarita Klyuchnikova is a PhD student at Lomonosov Moscow State University and she is currently writing a dissertation on multiculturalism in contemporary Sweden. Her interest in Sweden began when she was studying at the Faculty of World Politics at Moscow State University. Margarita began taking Swedish language courses and doing research on the instruments of Swedish state cultural policy. Before starting her last semester she applied for and was accepted to Stockholm University as an exchange student. 

“My first impressions? It’s the perfect place! Blue sky, shining snow and an endless stream of international students with lots of luggage heading towards the International Office to get the keys to their new rooms at the student accommodation,” says Margarita.

She chose two courses that would improve her understanding of Swedish society: Sweden - Society and Everyday Life and Swedish Film and Television Culture.

“I was very happy with my choice! These two classes were totally different in the way the education was organized, but both provided an introduction to the concept of ‘svenskhet’ – ‘Swedishness’, which is quite important if you are a foreigner in Sweden. Meanwhile, I was taking language courses which I think took my Swedish to the next level,” says Margarita.

“The best time I spent in my life was in Stockholm”

Dmitrii Potapov is a fourth year economics student at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Before applying for the exchange program at Stockholm University, Dmitrii barely knew anything about Sweden, except for a couple of music bands and artists.

Today Sweden means a lot to him, but he still finds it hard to put words on his warm feelings for Stockholm. “How am I supposed to explain what I learnt there, how welcomed I was wherever I went, or that weird taste of liquorice candies?” he says. That’s why he preferred taking pictures instead. “My friends, the campus, metro stations, the sea, my dorm, the floor mates, concerts, trips – I captured every little detail of my Stockholm life.”

He spent his fifth semester studying marketing at the School of Business at Stockholm University. In the future, he sees a career for himself combining his two main spheres of interest; music and marketing.

“If somebody asks me, I usually say that the best time I spent in my life was in Stockholm, but this is just the best time so far. Now I am busy preparing the documents in order to apply for a Master's programme at the School of Business at Stockholm University. With my interest in music and marketing, Sweden offers me a great opportunity to realize my plans,” says Dmitrii.

Ambassadors of Stockholm University

Both Margarita and Dmitrii were happy to become Ambassadors of Stockholm University, and even if it was a bit exhausting at times with the busy schedule, they enjoyed talking to the prospective students and worked really well together with the rest of the Stockholm University team.

“I must say I was really honored and touched. Dmitrii and I shared our Stockholm University student experience with lots of prospective Russian students and their parents, and I really hope some of them will apply next year or just some day,” says Margarita.

“I was very happy to share my experience with people interested in studying in Sweden. The Stockholm University stand was quite popular among the potential students and their parents, but we managed to pay attention to everyone. If I did influence someone's decision to study at Stockholm University, then I can be really proud of myself,” says Dmitrii.