Olga Natsarenus
“It’s been very easy to adapt to life at Stockholm University,” says Olga. Photo: Jon Buscall.


“I came here even though I have a Master’s in Russia,” says Olga Natsarenus, “because I wanted a course that has more of a business orientation than a purely technology course.”

Olga is just three weeks into her master’s studies and already feels at home.
“I’m living in student accommodation just a few minutes walk from where I study at the [university’s] campus in Kista. When I’m not studying I often go swimming in Husby, which is just ten minutes down the road.”
Olga was first inspired to come to Sweden after a two week study trip to the region in 2010.
“I felt at home here. It’s so beautiful in Sweden. Everything is clean,” says Olga who is already learning Swedish, attending one of the free language courses run by the University for foreign students and researchers. “It’s been very easy to adapt to life at Stockholm University.”
The Information Systems Management programme is very focused on the design, implementation, usage, and evolution of information systems.
“I think I’ll get a lot of knowledge about information systems design and architecture during my stay in Sweden,” says Olga. “I also want to get a better understanding of the role of IT in larger organizations.”
Keen to work in Germany or the UK, Olga sees her time in Sweden as a good career move.
“The resources and teaching on the programme are exactly what I was looking for.”
Funding her studies with a Stockholm University scholarship for international students, Olga says it wasn’t the only factor in deciding to come to Stockholm.
“I had a place at university in Turku [Finland] but my previous experience of Sweden and the focus of the course at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences helped make up my name..”
Although some of the paperwork took a bit of time to get sorted both before and after she arrived, Olga says it’s been worth it.
“I got a bit frustrated waiting for the TOEFL scores to be processed, and I wasn’t really keen on sharing a kitchen in the student accommodation, the International Office helped get me sorted. They were able to process my application, and find me a room of my own.
“It was a bit stressful the first few days, but everything is sorted now. I’m enjoying my course.”

Text: Jon Buscall