“Coming here to do a Master’s in Molecular Life Science has had an incredible impact on my life. I feel that I’m really contributing to something with my research. It’s been part of a greater project, one that I hope will lead to advances in cancer treatment in the future.” 

Jayasankar M. Kaimal
Jayasankar M. Kaimal Photo: Björn Olin/Folio

“Obviously, having access to fantastic laboratory facilities helps, particularly if you are encouraged to utilise them, as I have been. This type of hands-on experience simply hasn’t been open to me in the past. Doing the Master’s programme here at Stockholm University has confirmed my belief that I want to go on and do a PhD in Molecular Biology and contribute to a better planet for all of us.” 

“As for Stockholm, being here has introduced me to a new lifestyle. Together with the other international students that I’ve met, we have discovered each other’s worlds, music, sport, food, you name it. I’ve even taken up fishing, something that I’d never done before coming here.”