Lejonkulan, interior
Today, on 25 March, the newly renovated Lejonkulan opened in the old Kafé Katz premises in Frescati hage. All students are welcome to come and study or to heat up and eat their own food. The venue is located in the main building of the Department of Psychology. There is a direct entrance from the ground floor at the right wing of the building. The address is Frescati Hagväg 8D. Open weekdays 08.00 - 20.00.

Lejonkulan, view from the outside
In the premises there are a total of fifty seats and a kitchenette with nine microwave ovens and a refrigerator. The premises are equipped with a wireless network.

As soon as the weather permits and permafrost melts, the entrance will be adapted to the needs of students with disabilities. The ground outside the entrance will be raised to the level of the first step and the door will be equipped with an electric door opener.