On Tuesday, April 28 and Thursday April 30, Stockholm University participated in pre-departure sessions with students from Beijing and Shanghai who will be studying at Stockholm University in the Autumn 2015 semester. The purpose of these sessions was to give the students general information about important dates and documents to bring with them, what to expect when they arrive, orientation week, and most importantly, to give the students an opportunity to ask questions before they arrive.

The sessions were organised by the Swedish Institute and included staff from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm School of Economics, University of Gothenburg and Linköping University. Some universities participated over FaceTime and other universities had staff meeting with the students in China.

Staff from the Student Services at Stockholm University had the opportunity to meet seven students from Beijing and six students from Shanghai. Of these students, the majority will study courses at the Stockholm Business School and in the Department of Education, as well as some students who will be taking courses in media and cinema studies.

Aside from the information we gave on the differences in the education structures in Sweden compared to other countries, general information on transportation in Stockholm and orientation activities, the most common questions we received were:

  • How to find housing in Stockholm
  • Opportunities for part-time jobs
  • Access to gym facilities
  • Student discounts

The students will be welcomed at campus with an Orientation Week starting Monday 24 August 2015.