Changes for website visitors

The most noticeable change with the adaptation is that the web pages always adapt to the size of the browser window so that people do not need to zoom in to view content, such as text, links and images.

To make the best use of the limited amount of screen space on mobile devices the University’s logotype has been altered and simply includes the text ‘Stockholm University’. The adapted versions of the websites feature a horizontal drop-down menu as well as a function bar at the bottom of the page. Content in the main news bill and the right column have been positioned high up with a submenu below. The submenu, however, can also be reached via a link at the top of the page

Automatic adaptation to tablets and mobile phones

The upgrade took place on Saturday 6 October, with new templates applied to the University’s central and departmental websites. The templates are ‘responsive templates’, which means when they are viewed their appearance adapts automatically to the type of device the viewer is using; computer, tablet or mobile phone.

An important advantage of the mobile adaptation is that it negates the need for separate websites for mobile users. Mobile specific websites often have less content as editors delete content which they believe mobile visitors are not interested in.

New templates enhance viewability and access.
New templates enhance viewability and access.