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About International Office

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Current changes in Infocenter's opening hours

December 11
Open 8.00-16.00

December 27-29
Open 08.00-16.00

January 2-4
Open 08.00-16.00

January 5
Open 08.00-12.30

Weekends and holidays

For regular opening hours see below.


Student Services - Infocenter

Visiting adress:
Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2 B, Campus Frescati.

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 8.00-18.00
Friday 8.00-16.00

Lost and found

Located at Universitetsvägen 10,
Södra huset, house B, floor 3, room 379
Open Monday-Friday 8.00-16.00.



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