Rent and rent payments

  • Rent includes Internet, water, heating and electricity.
  • The rent will be paid in two installments. The first payment also serves as acceptance of the accommodation offered to you. If you do not make the payment on time your accommodation booking will be cancelled.
  • The rent should be paid online with a credit card or debit card. If you cannot pay with a credit card please contact the Housing Office to receive information about alternative ways to pay your rent.  Cash payments in Sweden can be made at any Forex Bank office. Please observe that Stockholm University does not cover any bank fees, so tenants must pay for these themselves.
  • Make sure you pay your rent punctually. Failure to do so may result in termination of your contract.
  • Information on how and when to pay the rent will be given to you when you receive an accommodation offer from the Housing Office. You can also see this information when you log into your accommodation account:

If there is something wrong with your accommodation

You must contact the Housing Office if you have any problems with your accommodation such as plumbing, water leaks, broken furniture and so on by logging into your housing account and filling out a maintenance request ( If it is an emergency and it is not during regular office hours please contact your house caretaker directly by calling the emergency phone number. SSSB (Lappis, Kungshamra and Idun) emergency phone number is 08-458 1011 and Fjällis emergency phone number is 020-212 112.  Please observe that if you call the emergency phone number and it is not an emergency or it is during office hours you will have to pay a fine.

Housing insurance

As the tenant you are responsible for your accommodation, including damages even if the damage is caused by a guest. No consideration can be taken in regard to whether the damage is the result of carelessness, an accident or some deliberate act. As the legal tenant you will be held responsible for payment. As an exchange student you have a student insurance via Kammarkollegiet and it should cover some or all of these costs. This is something you must check with Kammarkollegiet yourself. Master students (who are not here on an exchange) do not have this student insurance by Kammarkollegiet so you must buy a housing insurance yourself. Note also that neither the landlord or Stockholm University can be held responsible for any theft or loss of your personal possessions and this includes your accommodation keys.

Extension of rent contract

Your housing contract is signed for one semester at a time. If you spend the entire academic year (i.e. Autumn-Spring semester or Spring-Autumn semester) as an exchange student, you can choose to extend your current rent contract for one more semester. You do this by logging into your housing account and then make an extend stay request:  At the most you can receive housing for 2 semesters (no exceptions). Please note that students  who receive a scholarship via Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme can only rent accommodation for a maximum of 2 semesters and only during their first year of studies at Stockholm University.


Changing accommodation

There is no possibility to change accommodation. Please keep this in mind when accepting your offer.


  • Accommodation keys are picked up on arrival. When you receive your housing offer from the Housing Office we will inform you on where and when to pick up the keys. When you come to pick up your keys you need to show a passport or a valid identification card (with a photo).
  • Only the tenant on the rent contract can pick up the keys for the accommodation.
  • The earliest you can pick up your keys is on the start date of your rent contract.
  • When moving out you must return all the keys you have been given to the Housing Office Key Desk in Södra Huset on Campus Frescati.
  • For security reasons, we always change the lock when keys have been lost or are not returned when the rent contract has expired. If you loose your key, no matter if through carelessness, theft or force majeure, you are obliged to meet the full cost for a change of lock. Changing a lock, including the cost of keys, can cost up to 5000,00 SEK. If you loose your keys you must log into your accommodation account and fill out a maintenance request. Please keep in mind that if you contact a lock smith yourself we will have to do another lock change and you will end up paying for 2 lock changes.
  • You will only get one set of keys.
  • You are not allowed to duplicate your keys.

General rules and regulations about your accommodation


Tenants are responsible for their own cleaning, and this also applies to shared facilities like kitchens, corridors, etc. At Lappis and Kungshamra every corridor sets up its own cleaning schedule to keep the common areas clean. Typically, the students in the corridor take turns to clean once every week. If cleaning is not carried out satisfactorily, please talk to your corridor neighbours or contact the Housing Office. When you move out you are required to clean your room according to the instructions on your rent contract. If you have not cleaned your room properly you will be required to pay a cleaning fee of 1250 SEK for a corridoor room, and 1750 SEK for a studio. Please note that this is a set fee and it does not reflect the amount of cleaning needed.


It is prohibited to smoke in your room/apartment, the common areas or inside the building.

Preventing fire

It is not allowed to store inflammable material, bicycles or other bulky objects in common areas such as kitchen, corridors or stairwells. All evacuation roads and emergency exits must be free of objects.

Smoke detector

Every room is equipped with a ceiling-mounted smoke detector. When moving in, please note that you should test your smoke detector by depressing the push-to-test button until the alarm sounds since the tenant is responsible for checking the smoke detector regularly. It is absolutely forbidden to remove or damage the smoke detector. If the smoke detector is beeping non-stop the tenant is responsible for changing the battery. If you have a malfunctioning smoke detector and/or you cannot change the battery yourself you must log into your housing account and fill out a maintenance request:

Rubbish and waste

Household waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers. Remember to make sure that your rubbish bags are sealed tightly. You are not allowed to keep bags of waste in the corridors, stairwells or on balconies. Many landlords have garbage disposal systems.


Pets are not permitted in any of our accommodations.

Sharing or subletting your accommodation

The only area where you are allowed to share your accommodation is at Idun. You are not allowed to share accommodation at Lappis, Kungshamra or Fjällis and you are not allowed to sublet your accommodation in any areas. If you break any of these rules your rent contract will be terminated and you will not be able to rent accommodation from us again. You are allowed to have temporary guests staying in your room at all areas except for students who share a studio apartment at Idun. If you are renting a shared apartment at Idun it is strictly forbidden to have any guests staying in your room. This is because the room is shared by two tenants. For all other areas it is allowed to have a guest for up to 5 days. If your guest is staying for more than 5 days you must contact the Housing Office to get approval.


If you have a party, keep in mind that you as the host are responsible for any damages or disturbances.  If you are disturbed by your neighbours, we recommend that you try to solve the problem with a polite conversation. If this does not help please contact the Housing Office via e-mail. If you live in an SSSB building and the disturbance occurs after normal office hours please call the SSSB emergency phone 08-458 10 11. The name of the person making the complaint will not be revealed to anybody. Please be aware, that if you choose not to give detailed information (name, room number) if somebody is causing a disturbance the Housing Office cannot do anything.

Tenants who have caused a disturbance confirmed by the call-out report from the Securitas or Störningsjourens disturbance officer will be forced to pay a fine of 2000,00 SEK.