Ladok will be shut down during transition period

From 26 October 5 pm until 5 November, the Ladok system will shut down completely. It will not be possible to enter any registrations or results, or to view any results in Ladok. This will affect both administrative staff and students.

For you as a student it means that you won’t be able to register for courses, sign up for examinations, apply for degree or study certificates in My Studies during this period.

Other systems will be affected

All IT systems that are connected to Ladok will lose their connection at the end of week 43, not have any connection at all during week 44 and then gradually establish a connection to "new Ladok" in week 45. It means that student and course information, i.e. all information that derives from Ladok, in each respective system, will be "frozen in time" during the period of 26 October – 6 November. Similarly, these systems won’t be able to transfer any information to Ladok. 

For the time being it is impossible to know exactly in what way the different systems will be affected and how (or if) they will be available. Our aim is that no system should shut down completely and that all systems should work. However, please take into account that there may be severe disturbances at times during this period.

The following systems will be affected:

Mondo (
TimeEdit (
VFU-portalen (
Kontohantering (
SU Alumni (