Since 2017 the Minor Field Studies-programme is centralised which means application and administration is taken care of by the Student Services. However, everything concering the actual project is still supervised by the applicant's home department.

All applications are individual which means that if two students are working in pair, the will need to apply and will be evaluated on individual basis.

Application rounds


1. The application is done in English through an online web form on the Stockholm University MFS-portal:

Upload the requested attachments:

  •  Project description (doc) (59 Kb)
  •  Budget plan (doc) (156 Kb)
  • Personal letter describing why you wish to do a field study (max 1 A4-page)
  • Confirmation from supervisor (e-mail or similar)
    (or if a supervisor is not yet decided by the time of application: a certificate stating that the home department supports the application)
  • Confirmation from contact person in field (e-mail or similar)
  • National Transcript of Records (order at
  • Passport copy or birth certificate that shows citizenship

2. When the application is done, download the generated pdf-file.
Send the pdf-file to Registrator.

Project description

Max 4 A4-pages.The project description shall contain the following:

  • Country and subject field
  • Purpose and question (with a clear connection to developing issues)
  • Time line
  • Method
  • Academic relevance
  • Relevance for the hosting country/organisation
  • Ethical aspects
  • Alternative plan(s) if the original plan fails. The plan(s) shall include the most ctitical part of the study and contain information about how problems will be dealt with.


Please note that the field study has to be implemented and reported (travel report only) before June 11, 2018.


If you have questions regarding the call, please contact International Office, Questions regarding the specific project will be answered by the responsible department