At Infocenter in Studenthuset you may ask about everything concerning your studies, e.g. admisson, student exchange, scholarships, degrees, student support and more. Studenthuset is located next to the A building of Södra huset, Universitetsvägen 2 B.

Next to the Infocenter reception you will find computers where you can search for information about opening hours, events, courses and programmes etc. Current events and activities are shown on large plasma screens.

At Infocenter you can also buy Stockholm University profile products.

Please Note! Certificates of registration, Transcripts of records and one time codes (to activate your university account) can not be obtained between 26 October and 5 November due to the transfer to "new Ladok".

On the same floor as Infocenter there are plenty of study places and a spacious café that offers student discounts.