Signe Svallfors. Foto: Leila Zoubir

Signe Svallfors


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Sociology
Telephone 08-16 42 81
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 9
Room B 942
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen, Demografiska avdelningen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Signe Svallfors is a doctoral student in sociological demography at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University since August 2017. She holds an MA in demography from Stockholm University and a BA in sociology with political science and Spanish as minor subjects from Umeå University.



In her dissertation she quantitatively studies fertility dynamics and reproductive health in relation to armed conflict in Colombia, using region-level historical data on the Colombian conflict with individual-level data on women’s reproductive behaviour and health. The dissertation aims to fill a gap in knowledge about how armed conflict as context affects individual women’s body autonomy, measured as e.g. contraceptive behaviour, fertility intentions, gender-based violence, and access to reproductive health goods and services. Signe Svallfors also works on the project Cohabitation and Family Complexity led by Professor Elizabeth Thomson.

Last updated: September 20, 2017

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