Arctic Sweden - Archaeology

Swedish and international research groups conducted fieldwork in the Swedish mountains. Three groups, consisting of archaeologists, geologists and zoologists from Stockholm University, studied habitations, glaciers, birds of prey and mountain foxes. The common focus was the effect of climate change. The archaeologists looked at historical use of mountain regions by ancient peoples. Excavation of a Stone Age dwelling site, aerial inventory by helicopter and geophysical inventories contributed to the research. A field camp provided a mobile research platform to investigate ancient campsites. Helicopter support allowed the researchers to reach remote areas quickly, extending the inventory over a wide area.

Film: Archaeology in Lapland

Arctic Sweden - Geology, Zoology

Geologists and zoologists from Stockholm University have been studying habitations, glaciers, birds of prey and mountain foxes. The geologists reconstructed climate change in the period when traces of human use can be found as well as calculating the development of glaciers in the last hundred years. The zoologists charted the climate effect on the ecosystem, especially interplay between lemmings, arctic foxes and birds of prey. Geological processes, changes in the animal population, and the human exploitation of natural resources were plotted through geochemical testing.

Film: Survey of Swedish Arctic Fox